The main work of our Vehile Registration Officer (VRO) is administering the DVLA’s V765 re-registration scheme.

This is the process by which you can register your vehicle if it has never been registered on the DVLA computer system. The V765 scheme enables you to register your vehicle and in some case to re-instate its original registration number. If this is not possible then an age-related number will be issued, and for all Series 2 models, you will get Historic Vehicle status, enabling road tax exemption and if built before January 1st 1960 – MoT exemption.


V765 form & guidance notes

This scheme is run in conjunction with recognised car/vehicle clubs who the DVLA consider to be experts for their particular models.

The S2C is a member of the FBHVC who negotiated and liaised with the DVLA to evolve this scheme to help the Historic/Classic car movement, and as such we are empowered to process V765 applications.

The V765 works in 3 stages:-

  1. The owner completes the V765 form and collects as much supporting documentary evidence as possible. This could be in the form of:- old tax discs (pre 1983), old MOT certificates, old log books or V5 registration documents – or certified photocopies thereof. Garage bills, receipts for parts, photographs will also help build a case. A certified document is one made by, and signed by an official, of the body holding the original documents.
  2. The owner sends the V765 case to the S2C VRO. We will process the form and it may be necessary for a vehicle inspection to confirm certain details. A senior member of the club will be appointed by the VRO to undertake the inspection at the owner’s convenience. The VRO then sends the paperwork to the DVLA. There is a fee for this service provided by the club, £50 for members, £90 for non-members.
  3. On receiving the V765 case papers, the DVLA will process the application, and they may issue a new V5C registration document and or an age-related registration number straight away. The DVLA may insist on conducting their own inspection. This is to confirm details like the chassis number and that the vehicle is in fact a Series 2 model and actually exists.


Any owner wishing to follow this process MUST contact our the VRO before contacting the DVLA.

Post anything VRO related direct to the VRO Officer, do not post to our London address.

The process has to be done in a strict sequence and if you involve the DVLA too soon you could end up with a “Q” plate registration and a system generated SAV************ chassis number.

The club inspection will confirm exactly what the status of your vehicle is and whether you should proceed with the V765 application.

It should be noted that the conditions for the V765 have been tightened up recently. The FBHVC insist that each applicant vehicle be physically inspected. There have been too many instances of vehicles processed “on the nod”. This demeans the classic car club’s integrity in the DVLA’s eyes.

The days when a “date of build” letter from the factory archives at Gaydon are long gone. The letter/certificate is not enough evidence of a vehicle’s age.

You can contact our VRO by email at:- [email protected] Please bear in mind this is not a 24/7 service and it can take time to arrange inspections and process forms with the proper supporting evidence for a V765 claim.

Do not post any documents to the VRO without first speaking to him.

Download a V765 form 

We offer a chassis plate stamping service using authentic replcement chassis plates hand stamped as they were in the factory, on sight of your V5C registration documents. We do not sell blank chassis number plates.

Email to:- [email protected]

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