Social Media Rules


1. Introduction

Social media (including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, blogs, etc.) websites and forums are playing an increasing role in communications between the Series 2 Club Ltd. (S2C) and the outside world, including its members, the media, related businesses, related organisations, other classic vehicle clubs, stakeholders, as well as the general public.


The S2Cs’ social media profiles and Internet presence are an important part of the Club’s branding and reputation. It is therefore a requirement that the S2Cs’ social media profiles and Internet presence are managed appropriately.

Social media is a valuable tool for promoting fast and engaging communication to a wide audience, and allows valuable gathering, dissemination and exchange of information. However, misuse of social media, whether accidental or intentional must be avoided. While it is an increasingly difficult task, it is nevertheless necessary to consider and manage potential abuse of the Club’s social media, to assure the security of Club data, where it is sent and who sees it, and to control content to ensure it upholds the Club’s Rules and expected conduct therein at all times.

This policy applies to all Club members when speaking ‘about’ the club and/or when speaking ‘on-behalf’ of the club as a nominated spokesperson or officer, representative or director.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all Club Members and Club Officers when they engage in any communication about or on behalf of the S2C via social media platforms, websites, forums, blogs etc

3. Guidelines

a. Use of the S2Cs brand identity, including the name, logos and / or proprietary information, etc., must have the express permission of the S2C Board of Directors before they are used.

b. The content of any information disseminated via social media platforms, websites, forums, blogs etc. relating to the S2C must be legal, decent and honest. It must respect confidentiality, and not harass, defame, discriminate against or otherwise denigrate any individual or organisations, and must respect accepted standards of propriety; the Club’s Code of Conduct applies at all times.

c. Social media sites operated under the aegis of the S2C, must be accessible to all members of the S2C Board of Directors and to other Club Members and Club Officers and as the Board may decide, and may also be accessible to the general public, subject to further review.

d. All the S2C Social media sites to include local area sites, e.g., Facebook, forums, blogs, must be properly moderated and extraneous and inappropriate material removed as soon as possible (within hours). This requires a minimum of two or more moderators who can cover for absences and emergencies. The Board will at its discretion appoint an appropriate person as moderator on all local area social media pages.

e. Social media sites operated under the aegis of the S2C may not be rebranded without the Board’s permission and may not be used for any purpose other than that agreed by the board.

f. It is never appropriate to engage in or encourage discussion relating to confidential subjects, sensitive internal matters, anything pertaining to legal or potentially legal issues, or to engage in or encourage speculation on such matters.

g. GDPR applies at all times, be mindful not to share personal or private information or to allow it to be shared publicly via Club social media channels.

h. If in doubt don’t post it! Common sense applies; sense-check what you post and ask whether it conforms to this policy before sharing it.

i. If you are an admin / moderator of one or more of the Club’s social media outlets, you must monitor the content regularly. This means you can remove anything inappropriate and seek help from the board or another officer if you require further guidance. Remember, a ‘light touch’ approach to moderation can often be more effective than heavy handedness:

Allowing people to ‘be themselves’ encourages diversity

Spelling mistakes are ok; be mindful of people’s dyslexia etc and don’t discriminate / patronise.

Humour and some ‘off-topic’ conversations can help build the community

You don’t have to have the last word – don’t feed the trolls by inflaming matters or reacting to them.

The Club’s social media is not an appropriate outlet for you to demonstrate your superior knowledge or personal preferences – encourage others’ to engage.

Few people reactive positively to unsolicited advice.

Keep it friendly.

j. A moderator or administrator cannot moderate a thread they have created and/or posted on.

4. Implementation and Complaints

a. As Club Officers legally responsible for the management of the S2C, the Board of Directors have implemented the above policy and will manage any complaints. Once discussed and voted upon by the Board of Directors, the Board’s decision shall be final.

b. Any queries, complaints or requests for clarification, should be addressed to the Board of Directors, via the Chair and / or Club Secretary.

c. The Board undertakes to deal with all matters promptly and fairly.

d. Non-compliance of this policy will be considered misconduct and may lead to disciplinary action which could result in censure, removal from social media outlets or other disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from the S2C

e. If you are authorised to manage one of the S2C social media channels – you are the digital face of the S2C and must behave, accordingly, so along with this policy, it is assumed that you have read and understand the S2C Rules, the Club’s Code of Conduct and are aware of current Data Privacy / GDPR Regulations.

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