Winter 1984'The Series Two Club' was conceived and founded by Ross Floyd (mem no. 1). 'It seemed logical to start a club which I did in the winter of 1984'
Subs were: UK £6. Europe £9. Overseas £12 with a £2.50 joining fee.
Read a letter from Ross where he describes the very early days of the club.
Winter 1985First ever issue of the club newsletter.
December 2nd 1989Now Incorporated into 'The Series Two Club Limited' a company limited by guarantee. Frank Myatt- Chairman & Membership Secretary. Ross Floyd- Secretary. Jerry Bright- Treasurer. Gordon Lord- Technical Secretary. David Dutton- Shop Manager.
March 16th 199192 members. Subs now £9 with a £3 joining fee other rates pro rata.
Ross Floyd- Vice President. Frank Myatt- Secretary.
May 25th 1991Postal vote for committee members, Ross Floyd- Chairman, Vice President's post deleted.
March 21st 1992AGM- 188 members, Ross Floyd- Chairman, Jerry Bright- treasurer, Frank Myatt- Secretary, Peter Lamb- Editor.
April 24th 1993AGM- 278 members.
May 29th 1994Approaching 300 members. Paul Hanbury- Vice Chairman.
April 29th 1995AGM- nearly 300 members. Helen Lippitt persuaded to become Editor.
April 20th 1996AGM- 286 members. Paul Hanbury- Chairman, Steve Dowling- Vice Chair.
July 1997AGM- nearly 300 members. Steve Dowling- Chairman, Chris Bentley- Vice Chairman, David Dutton- Vehicle Registrations Officer.
Subs were set at £13 in line with other clubs.
September 1997Clasped Hands Series II Club Hinge logo suggested by Roger Horne's daughter - Sarah. New club logo approved by the committee to be used on all club regalia.
March 1998First issue of club magazine as 'Built Two Last' - 42 pages. Named by Jackie Dutton in a competition for best name. Printed by Hedgerow Print, Crediton.
April 18th 1998AGM -360 members. Club now organised into 12 local 'Areas' Peter Hopkins takes over as editor of B2L
September 1998Laurence Mitchell- Secretary elect.
March 1999First club e-mail address- [email protected]
April 17th 1999AGM- 439 members. Frank Myatt- Life President, Chris Bentley- Chairman, Laurence Mitchell- Secretary, Paul Hanbury- Treasurer.
May 4th 1999Frank Wyatt passed away.
October 13th 1999Historic Vehicle Database started by Norman Smith
April 15th 2000AGM- 674 members.
June 2000Club's first website created by Eric Leuzinger at
Late 2000Club's first internet forum started by Eric Leuzinger, hosted by MSN community.
April 14th 2001AGM- 764 members.
July/August 2001Internet forum host changed to ALXnet
October 27th 2001735 members. Steve Howard- Secretary elect, Eric Leuzinger- Treasurer elect,
April 20th 2002Laurence Mitchell (Secretary) passed away at the AGM. 800 members. Brian Crelling- Chairman, Andrew Turford - Vice Chairman; Catriona Crelling - Editor.
October 19th 2002731 members. Club name change to 'The Series 2 Club Limited'. Domain name change to ''
November 2002Internet forum host changed to 'Ezboard', started by Alan Jones (Wittsend). Winter B2L a massive 60 pages, most issues averaging 48/50 pages.
May 4th 2003AGM- 890 members.
September 6th 2003* 1000th member joined at the LRO Peterborough show. * B2L now printed by LeverPress Ltd. Ipswich. Mark Rumsey- Technical Officer.
February 2004991 members.
April 24th 2004AGM, Avril Anderton- becomes the first Membership Secretary.
June 2004Received the 'One Millionth Hit' on the Ezboard forum.
August 2004Now averaging 100+ posts per day with 500+ forum members.
August 2004First 'International Rally' at Sibbertoft, Leicestershire. Up to now the main club gathering had been at the ARC Nationals or at the Billing Land Rover Show.
September 20041022 members.
Winter 2004The 1st Series 2 Club Time Line published in B2L.
Summer 20052nd International Rally- Sibbertoft. 1134 members. Voted in office at the AGM :- Andrew Turford- Chairman, Eric Leuzinger- Vice Chairman, Vaughan Hartridge- Treasurer.
November 2005Forum moved to its current SMF Format Membership 1173
July 2006First Leafers at t'Pit show
August 20063rd International Rally- Colney Green, West Midlands. Still the best attended Rally with some 90 units booked in. Memorable for the West Midlands Area rendition of the 'Grease' musical. First version of the Club rules adopted at the AGM
Winter 2006Subs £20 single, £23 Family, Overseas £25 & £28 with £5 joining fee.
August 20074th International Rally- Kelmarsh, the wettest rally ever! Mark Rumsey- Chairman, Chris Bentley- Vice Chairman, Ben Stock - Membership Secretary, Andy Cresswell- Editor. Forum membership 900, approx. with approx. 255 club members.
November 2007Membership at now stands at 1173
August 20085th International Rally- returns to Sibbertoft Membership classes now rationalised - Single level of membership £21 for UK, £25 overseas with £5 joining fee.
August 20096th International Rally- Fakenham, Norfolk. Bob Sutton- Chairman, Mike Buss- Secretary.
December 200925th Anniversary of the founding of the club.
August 20107th International Rally- Lake District Alys Rackham Wyatt- Editor, Dave Snape- Membership Secretary, Dave Barker - Historical Records Officer. Membership now at 1295
Autumn 2010* B2L goes full colour *. B2L printed by Lavenham Press, Lavenham, Suffolk.
August 20118th International Rally- Dorset Jon Hayes- Chairman, Jules Thorne- Vice Chairman, Hazel Smeeth- acting Secretary, Dan Clements- Advertising Manager.
December 20111360 Members
May 26th 2012Death of Mark Rumsey - Technical Officer
August 20129th International Rally- Ripon, North Yorkshire AGM - Chairman - Jon Hayes, Eric Leuzinger - Vice Chair, Alex Thorpe - Technical Officer, Dan Clements - Editor Mark Rumsey 'Spirit of the Club Award' presented to Alan Jones
Winter 2012* 100th Issue of Built Two Last published * Club membership stands at 1400, Subs are £21 and £25 for overseas + £5 joining fee. 1500 forum members, approx. 500 of whom are club members. 630 members registered for the members section on the website. The Vehicle Database Research Area on the website is launched after work by Dave Barker, Avril Arbuckle is Vehicle Database Officer
August 201310th International Rally - Hole Park, Kent Mark Rumsey 'Spirit of the Club Award' presented to John Keane
Winter 2013Acting Chairman - Alan Jones. Joining fee of £5 dropped. Membeship approx 1475
August 201411th International Rally - Hatton Country World, Warwick. AGM - The clubs adopts new rules and restructuring. A Board of Directors appointed to manage the Club. Chairman - Alan Jones, Secretary - Hazel Smeeth, Treasurer - Simon Barden, after 10 years of service from Vaughan Hartridge, Areas Manager - Karin Quarrie, Editor - Steve Britch. Membership approx 1575. Mark Rumsey 'Spirit of the Club Award' presented to Roger Horne
August 201512th International Rally - Fakenham, Norfolk. AGM - New Board of Directors appointed. Joint Chairmen - Gene Maxwell & Brain Clements, Secretary - Mark Barnes, Treasurer - Ondrej Pavelka, Editor - Dan Clements. 1650 members Subs £21 UK, £26 Overseas. Mark Rumsey 'Spirit of the Club Award' presented to Alan Jones
Winter 2015Forum has 2300 users, approx 450 are S2C members. 86% of members have an S2C member web account. The club now has an active Facebook & Twitter presence on the Internet.
Summer 2016International Rally held at Kirklinton Hall, Cumbria. Mark Rumsey 'Spirit of the Club Award' presented to David Dutton for long services to the club, latterly as our VRO.
Winter 2016Ros Woodham appointed Editor of B2L. Magazine given a face lift and name change to 'B2L'. Club membership stands at 1750, fees remain at £21 & £26 (overseas).
Summer 2017International Rally held at Hole Park, Kent.
October 2017AGM held at Midland Air Museum, Coventry. Gene Maxwell is chairman. Membership stands at 1793.
Summer 2018Club Rally hosted at Wing Hall, Rutland. Our best ever attended rally with 100 bookings!
Autum 2018The Mark Rumsey Spirit of the Club award was presented jointly to Andy Parker & Edryd Coleman for their successful club displays at the NEC Classic Car Shows.
June 2019The club annual rally was held in Devon. Another very successful event with 75 bookings.
October 2019AGM hosted at the JLR Classic Works, Covnetry, CV8 3LF. Dave Snape retired after many years service to the club as Membership Secretary.He was presented with a tankard and life membership of the club. Gene Maxwell reties as Chairman to take on this role, overseeing the introduction of a new online membership system - Crossmember. Club membership stands at 1995. Subs remain unchanged. The Mark Rumsey Spirit of the Club Award was presented to Chris Gregson for his work on setting up the new vehicle register of chassis and parts number and his work with the VRO. The Board appointed 2 new Directors, Gary Gosney & Richard Gosling. Alan Jones retired as Director. John Stokes was selected as the new Club Chairman.
November 2019John Stokes resigns as Chairman for personal reasons. The Board appoint deputy Alex Bywaters as Chairman and Peter Holden as his deputy.
December 2019We end the year on around 1900 members. The new membership system is still settling down.
March 2020The Covid-19 virus pandemic halts all club activities and Land Rover events during the lockdown period.
April 3rd 2020Chris Gregson passed away after a long illness. He was a Director and assistant VRO. He was instrumental in setting up the new Vehicle Database enabling the VRO to more accurately date vehicles.
June 2020Because of the COVID-19 pandemic all club events are cancelled. The 2020 Club Rally at Ripon will be held over to 2021.
End of year summaryB2L is awarded Best Club Magazine at the Classic & Sports Car virtual awards ceremony Club membership is 2239 and membership fees remain for the 13th year, at £21 UK and £26 for overseas members.
2021Julie Stock, Postal Secretary & Anglia Area rep passed away 21st January, a Covid-19 victim. Club's 2020 AGM held on January 24th by Zoom, 40 members logged in - deemed a success.
August 2021The Club's Annual Rally (Ripon) postponed from last year due to the Covid-19 lockdown took place with over 80 bookings.
2021 End of year summaryClub membership now at 2473. 2021 AGM held via Zoom. Club finances are sound and membership fees remain the same for the 14th year at £21 UK and £26 for overseas Members. At the AGM 4 Directors retired, we now have a new Shows Officer, Ian Garner and we have 2 new posts. Rob Maude is the Historic Vehicles Officer and Vicky Turner is our Communications & Outreach Officer.
2022Early in the year we passed the 2500 member mark. Successful Annual Rally at Cheddar, Somerset.
End of 2022 SummaryMembership now at 2607
March 2023Chris Mortimer takes over Membership Secretary
April 2023Subs are £25 and £30 for overseas
December 2023Membership now at 2668
January 1st 2024New club website launched

An email received from our Club founder Ross Floyd, sent to Norman Smith, Historic Records Officer, May 17th 2005.

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