Every year we organise a Club Rally, the event moves around to different venues to give the maximum chance to members to attend their “local” event. It is a bespoke camping weekend (local B&Bs/hotels if you prefer) cocombined with a wide range of events, including: Greenlaning, Scenic road runs, BBQs, Beer tasting, trips on Heritage Railways, visiting local attractions and more. Suitable for all the family AND you can come in any type of vehicle, it doesn’t have to be in a Land Rover.

2024 - Fakenham
2023 - Cromford
2022 - Cheddar
2021 - Ripon
2020 (cancelled)
2019 - Devon
2018 - Rutland
2017 - Kent
2016 - Cumbria
2015 - Fakenham
2014 - Warwick
2013 - Kent
2012 - Ripon
2011 - Dorset
2010 - The Lakes
2009 - Fakenham
2008 - Sibbertoft
2007 - Kelmarsh
2006 - Colney Green
2005 - Sibbertoft
2004 - Sibbertoft

8-11th August 2024 - Fakenham

NR21  7NY

You don't need to be a S2C member
to join in with the rally, you don't
even need to turn up in a Land Rover!!
We're planning to organise a
fish 'n' chip meal on a special
North Norfolk Railway trip
from Holt to Sherringham; and
back again!
For those wishing to have a
behind the scenes tour of the
North Norfolk Railway sheds and
workshop then you're luck is in,
we're arranging it.
A club rally isn't a club rally
without Alan's famous quiz night!
Evening entertainment and food
will be arranged for all the family.
A number of greenlanes will be
arranged and guided.

Situated within easy drive of
many famous Norfolk seaside's and
attractions, the Fakenham
Racecourse provides a perfect base for
a rally, our 3rd visit here.

The camp site has purpose built
toilet and washing facilities,
a small shop for essentials and
a club house should the weather
turn against us.  Each pitch
has optional electric hookup.

Back for our third stay at the Fakenham Racecourse.  The site never fails to satisfy everyone who stays there, good clean facilities and a perfect base to explore the delights Norfolk has to offer.  Numerous events will take place, some ‘old favourites’ plus some new and exciting ones.

Annual Rally 9-13th August 2023 At Cromford Meadows, DE4 3RQ

This year the Rally will be held at the Matlock Rugby Club Ground in Cromford, Derbyshire at the foot of the Peak District. Cromford lies in the Derewent Valley and is forever associated with Sir Richard Arkwright as the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. Arkwright built the world’s first water-powered cotton mills here in 1771 and pioneered the factory system. Cromford developed around the mills as a purpose built industrial community which is now recognised as a World Heritage Site.


The Rugby club has good facilities of a good camping site on flat ground with a large club house. Further details and programme are in Built 2 Last as is the booking form. You can book online via the club forum HERE.


What a well organised by the Bristol Area on a cracking campsite this Rally was. Some 64 units with 140 attendees enjoyed a warm, sunny weekend on the Somerset flats.

Plenty of local attractions including some epic extreeme green lane routes. Side mounted mirror attrition was high, but no one got seriously lost and breakdowns were few !

Saturday saw a lot of activities; reverse steer Land Rover contest, the line-up, BBQ, quiz and raffle for the air ambulance which raised just over £1000


17th Club Rally - Ripon, North Yorkshire

Ripon Racecourse, Ripon, HG4 1UG

We returned to Ripon Racecourse for our Rally postponed from last year, this being our 2nd Rally at this venue. After all the tribulations of the past year the Rally happened it was good to get out and meet old & new friends. This was one of our best with some 80 bookings. Despite the rough weather no one was put off and there was plenty of green laning and visits to local attractions. A big thank you from all the attendees to organisers Gordon & Wendy and all their helpers.


Out on the moors

The Fluffle Valve gets wet

Series 2s fill Masham

Tea time for Paul & Gordon

A tidy sum was raised for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance

17th Club Rally - Ripon, North Yorkshire POSTPONED due to the Covid-19 virus pandemic

16th Club Rally - Yeatheridge, Devon

Yeatheridge Farm Caravan & Camping Park, East Worlington, Credition, Devon, EX17 4TN

How many Series 2s


A fantastic venue, superbly facilitated caravan site saw some 75 members enjoying one of the best Rallies we’ve had.


The green lanes, fords and scenic road runs – Exmoor with Tarr Steps and Porlock Hill and darkest Dartmoor tested us all.

report by King Dick, winner of the best spanner competition

15th Club Rally - Wing Hall, Rutland

2 – 5 August 2018

Wing Hall Camping & Caravan Site, Wing, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 8RY

Our best attended rally with over 100 booking in, with many staying in local hotels, B&Bs and day visitors. Once again we were blessed with glorious sunny weather in this the 60th anniversary year of Series 2 production.


There were many attractions and options on each day – Rally Programme


Including scenic drives/greenlanes, off-roading at Tixover, The Nene Valley Railway, The Melton Mowbray pie shoppe, Foxton Locks, a sail on Rutland Water, etc. etc.


Greenlane run

At the BBQ

Visiting the pie shop

Wansford station on the NVR

Tricky section at Tixover off-road site

14th International Rally - Hole Park, Kent

TN17 4BS

For 2017 we returned to the Hole Park estate in deepest Kent. 70 members and their families enjoyed the lovely surroundings of the estate and the sunny weather.

Series 2 line up with just over 50 2s on parade.

This year we went on a drive out to Dungeness, to the Pilot Pub for a fish & chips lunch and a ride on the famous Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway. A scenic drive around the Hole Park estate was organised, some 6 miles round and in the evenings there was a proper camp fire with baked potatoes and a BBQ on Saturday evening. The raffle in aid of the MacMillan Cancer Support charity raised just over £1200.

13th International Rally - Cumbria


We camped in the grounds of this 17th House and Gardens. Another very successful rally with over 60 units booked in, with some French and Swiss enthusiasts. Rally goers visited many of the local attractions including Hardrian's Wall and the Vulcan bomber at the Solway Aviation Museum.

Some 33 members visited a Hill farm in Scotland, just over the border from Kirklinton and we spent a day going round (and round) a testing off-road course...

We also had a quiz, beer, club shop, folk music with dancing, more live music and a BBQ. Our raffle in aid of "Kate's Kitchen" raised £500 for this local good cause.

12th International Rally - Fakenham

NR21 7NY

After five years we returned to Fakenham Racecourse, Norfolk. Another successful rally with fine weather. Rally goers were able to drive some 70 miles of North Norfolk's green lanes and 16 fords.

The Scanferla family were the furthest travelled, all the way from Milan at 900 miles.

Norfolk fording ...

11th International Rally - Warwick

CV35 8XA

For the 2014 rally we returned to the midlands, to Hatton Country World - an educational farm attraction and Victorian shopping village with 25 specialist shops and boutiques, near Warwick. One highlight was Adrian Inglefield's Forward Control.

A swimming pool in a Foward Control ! Nothing at all to do with a water shortage in the area on Saturday

A Series 2A keeping the rally goers informed of events.

10th International Rally - Kent

TN17 4BS

The 2013 rally was held in the grounds of Hole Park, Kent. The was one of the best rallies we've held, with 90 units booked in. The weather was gloriously sunny and there was lots to do and see in the surrounding area.

Dunsfold's amphibious 2A

The burger bar was a big attraction

Bodiam Castle

Kent & East Sussex Railway

9th International Rally - Ripon


This year the rally went north to Ripon Racecourse. Some vehicles had "breakdown" problems. The Friday Fish & Chip run was a very scenic drive over the moors to Patley Bridge. Saturday saw us green laning in the North York Moors.

On Rudland Rigg

On breakdown truck

A borrowed distributor eventually got the Lightweight running agian.


8th International Rally - Dorset


This year saw us in the picturesque Dorset village of Sixpenny Handley. At first the weather was poor with several downpours causing local flooding. But it cleared up later and we enjoyed scenic drives through the New Forest and out on Canbourne Chase.

...trying to tow start an ambulance

7th International Rally - The Lakes


Whilst not technically in the Lake District, this showground venue was a good base for trips into the Lakes. After some dispute it was decided that there are 16 lakes in the District.

Group transport in "Le Frog".

Green laning in the Lakes.

6th International Rally - Fakenham

NR21 7NY

For the 2009 rally we went to fully featured caravan/camping site with all the facilities laid on, at Fakenham Racecourse, Norfolk. There was no off-road site, but some 16 fords to navigate and 70 miles of green lanes within easy reach of the camp site.

Norfolk fording ...

5th International Rally - Sibbertoft

LE16 9UJ

2008 saw us return to Sibbertoft for the third time. This was the 2nd wettest rally and was held over a long weekend in August. Despite the weather this rally was well attended.

On the off-road course

Tony Lucey dunks his "Best in Show" vehicle.

4th International Rally - Kelmarsh


Kelmarsh was a green field site literally just down the lane from Sibbertoft. This was by far our wettest ever rally. It was so wet that the off-road course had to be closed on the first morning as conditions were just too dangerous - even for Land Rovers.

Willing helpers extricating stuck vehicles from the Kelmarsh woods.

Ian Rumsey, David Dutton & Mark Rumsey about to judge the "Best in Show" vehicle.

3rd International Rally - Colney Green

DY13 0TE

This rally was organised by the West Midlands area and is one of our best attended rallies with just over 90 camping units taking part. The rally is best remembered for the performance of "Grease" by the West Midlands players. The other feature of the rally was access to a 40 acre off-road site.

View of the camp site

View from the top of the off-road course

2nd International Rally - Sibbertoft

LE16 9UJ

2005 saw the rally return to Sibbertoft as no area voluteered to organise the rally. We had a similar turnout to the first rally. In the line-up you can just make out the Club's Land Rover based trailer, back row on the right.

Not everyone had a tent!

1st International Rally - Sibbertoft

LE16 9UJ

The first club rally was held at the Avalanche Adventure Centre, Sibbertoft, Leicestershire, LE16 9UJ. On the site there is an off-road course based in an old sand/gravel pit. As you can see vehicles got stuck the recovery provided great entertainment for the rally goers.

Some 66 camping units booked in and enjoyed a warm August sunny weekend of fun. Activities aside from the off-roading included BBQ, quizes, a driving gymkhana, & a treasure hunt. The idea being that each club area organises and runs an event. The cost for this rally was just £35 and we had 1 international attendee from Belgium, 2 from Wales and 1 from Scotland! It was envisaged that the rally would be hosted by a different area each year.

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